Female Protester Calls for Life Insurance

Female protester demanded Life Insurance on the middle of the road in a busy street in front of the car. The lady kept sitting on the road and called for justice for life, Medical and Health. News of the incident of woman protesting for her right made some NGOs also stood up with her for her rights. NGOs’ workers and people from print and electronic media had also come to give coverage to her injustice.

She needed Life insurance alongside medical and protection. The poor lady had become victim of the Land Mafia group. The guys from some notorious groups had connections with the upper class people and they captured the property of the lady. The woman said that she had only property to hide her family and herself which was occupied by them.

She demanded justice for her property and said that for her and her family the protections of the rights and life is far more important than the projects like Metro Bus. This was not the rare case for which she had to come on the road for sit-in. The video of the shocking incident was captured by a passerby who had also joined her protest.

Life insurance, medical insurance and equal rights have been the priorities of the developed countries like United States and United Kingdom. Therefore people have been wishing to go abroad where such basics facilities are the focused issues. But in the subcontinent these all have been absent for the poor in majority.

The demands of Life insurance, medical and health were being asked by other people there too. They all wanted alongside that girl for the betterment of the facilities which are the bases for living a healthy life. The officials of the Government also agreed with the poor lady and assured her for the recovery of her occupied plot and property from the notorious group of land mafia.

Poor Lady Protests on the Road

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