Female News Anchor Cries during Reporting

Female News anchor of private news channel Geo cried during an outdoor reporting. The incident was an embarrassing for the news caster as she could not complete the reporting. It was kind of daring attempt to do a live reporting in rain that was like a storm. The reporter has been in that field for quite some times.

The umbrella of news anchor was shaking very fast as the weather was very bad and the windstorm was happening all over the city. The reporter has done many reporting from the fields and has been a professional journalist who loved to do reporting from anywhere. She had done reporting in very difficult situations for the news channel.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/?p=922

As the cameraman started recording the footage of the live reporting, the windstorm also started to get heavier. The new channel host also started giving breaking news from all over the city and the country. He had to get reports from all over the country to update the viewers about the weather situation. When this reporter cum journalist started to speak to the host the weather got terrible.

The news anchor was really hopeful that she could start and complete the reporting in that bad condition of weather. At the start, she held the umbrella very tightly with her one hand and also held microphone in one hand. The camera man also was having troubling shooting the video for the live updates but they both continued with their efforts.

Terrible bad made news anchor cried when she could not continue with the live reporting as the windstorm was very strong. The umbrella which she was holding with one hand went backwards and she started to cry due to the strong breeze. The host of the news channel also knew the situation that the female reporter was going through.

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