Female Host Makes Guests Beat Each other in Morning Show

Morning show used to be watched by all family members of the house before the launch of private entertainment channels and in those days the host of the program always kept in mind the ethics of the programs since it was being watched all over the country and they never did anything for their rating. The recent program hosted by Female host made the female guests do some crazy activity on stage.

Host of morning show, Sanam Jang has been hosting that program for quite long time and she never had gone so far while asking the guests to play some activities on the stage. This time around she asked the female guests to do some unethical stuff. The female guests had to come on the stage to play a game called Kabadi.

The game Kabadi was started by those female fat girls who came on the stage by their own will and did not each other. As the game started they both were enjoying but just before the end of the game they turned personal to each other and started to beat each other. Both the female guests of the program were fighting like wild cats.

Female host of morning show had to come between them to ask them to stop fighting since it was just a game and they did not have to fight with each other except they had to play it as a game so that one of them could win a prize. All t he viewers present there in the recording of the program were also shocked to see the sport of Kabadi turning into fight.

Video of morning show in which the female guests started playing the sport Kabadi that turned into fight was shared very much on the social media. Many viewers did not like the format of the program since it was supposed to be entertaining program rather than a fighting program between the guests.

Morning Show Host Makes ladies Fight

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