Female Guest in Morning Show Dances Vulgarly

Female guest in Morning show danced vulgarly and used immoral dress while appearing in the program surprised the viewers and they all got angry on the news channel. Viewers asked the officials of the regulation authority to put some check and balance on the dresses and the format of the program. It has been noticed that recently many channels have been crossing the limit and showing bad image of Pakistan.

Morning show has become the part and parcel of the modern era and also it has become the mode of getting high rating and popularity but in the mean time the news channels have been ignoring the decency of the program and have been showing some stuff that was not appropriate for the country such like Pakistan.

Many people have complained about that particular program and some programs that were on aired on some private channels that showed indecent dances by the female guests. They certainly have not been maintaining the standard of the values of the country and just have been thinking about the money. In some other channels same kind of stuff was shown by the female guests.

Morning show in the early era of the country never showed any dance competition and never invited guests who were wearing some indecent dresses in the program but they have been trying to be liberal by ignoring all the decency from the program.

Viewers of morning program explained that due to those indecent dresses and the dances by the female guests in the program of private news channel has caused the Almighty to penalized people for wrong doings. Some people from religious community also criticized and got angry on the stuff that has been shown in the program by the news channel and blamed them for the wrath of the Almighty for the ill deeds.

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