Female Anchor Surprises Everybody after IPL Match

A strange act by female anchor Archana surprised the viewers and many others when she behaved immorally during the reporting in ongoing IPL match. The host Sameer was asking some reports from the ground by the lady right after the drinks break. After the completion of that reporting scene the host present in the studio announced for commercial break as requested by the director.

Both the anchors Archana and Sameer took a break and they were helped by the service boy to take care of their makeup. The interesting thing that happened during this break was the strange act of the lady standing in the middle and feeling quite relaxed with the current situation as the camera was supposed to be off at the end of the reporting of IPL Match.

Video Link: http://paktelegraph.com/?p=305

Instead of setting the camera off recording the camera man intentionally carried on with his work and recorded their off camera activities as well. The host Sameer was served with a body spray and cold drink since the room temperature was getting uncomfortable for him. He was getting wee bit perspiration. Sameer then sprinkled spray on his shirt and coat as well.

At the same time Lady anchor Archana started to act in a strange way as if she was getting hypnotized by the fragrance of the body spray. She started flirting with the gestures of her hands. Sameer also got shocked by her strange flirting activities though they thought the camera was off.

But they never had an idea that the whole activity was being recorded by the cameraman. Female Anchor looked out of her senses since nobody expected such surprising and strange reaction after Sameer sprinkled that body spray.

The fact later on disclosed to everybody that it was all done intentionally as this was a preplanned publicity of the branded body spray. The viewers then realized that it was not an unintentional recording during the break of IPL Match. The female anchor did it for the commercial of product.

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