Female Activist of France Shock Public

Female activist of France shocked public when the exclusive video of Pairs attack came to the scene. The footage showed how the female activist Husna blew herself just before the security forces tried to enter the apartment. Security forces searched for the master mind of Paris attack and came closer to the apartment where Husna was also present.

News from France revealed that the time security forces entered that apartment the lady started shouting for the help. She continued to shout that she was not their friend and she needed help. Security forces that were hired in Paris wanted to enter the room but the lady shocked everybody by blowing herself and the whole department.

The exclusive video was released by the news channel that has been giving news from the city of Paris where that incident took place. That news of female activist Husna surprised and shocked her community who has been not been in contact with her for the last eight months or so.

Resident of France started quitting meeting her friends and also started to wear Hijab. Her friends said that it was all against the habits and life style of Husna who has been drinking in her whole life. Life in Paris was as amazing for herself as she never wanted to have religion affecting her life. Recent Paris attacks left everybody with shock when they found out that one of their friends happened to be the partners of the group who did that shameful stuff.

France started to search out suspects in their country since that incident took place in Paris. Many people have been blaming Muslims for being involved in those incidents but many scholars and religious people did not agree with that and they said that the organization ISIS had nothing to do with the religion of Islam as they have been taking lives of so many people in Muslim countries.

Footage of Husna in France

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