Famous Civil Judge Caught while Dancing with Girls

Civil Judge got caught dancing with girls the other night and the video was leaked by some of his colleague. This news of such personal member of court shocked the whole nation as it appeared on every front page of news paper. This video of the dance party was not less than allegation on the whole honorable court members.

The civil judge was not alone in the dance party as he was seen with his some other colleagues too. Some people have said that it was the normal practice of these men appointed at such honorable positions. Due to these activities of such members of the court, the reputation of such institutions has gone down badly.

The video of such incident was leaked by one of their friends. The news was leaked some days ago before the decision of some important hearings. This type of activity of those members in the dance party had really lost the faith of the people in those institution and they said that if the key members of such courts had been involved in shameful acts then nobody could get justice.

The civil judge of the any Supreme Court or high court has been considered as one of the top position in the world for giving justice to the whole nation. This leaked video of the dance party has really sabotaged the whole justice system of the country. The video has been viral on social media and in the news channels as well.

The dance party of civil judge involved two girls along with two men which were having fun. They were quite faint and did not get to know that their video was being made and they were quite happy on dancing with the girls. The news of this shameful incident was brought into the notice of the Prime minister and the President.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/?p=988

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