Fake Peer Blackmails Innocent Girl

Fake Peer blackmailed an innocent girl and harassed her for leaking her videos. The incident was quite shameful for everybody when it was on aired on a private news channel. The famous TV anchor Iqrar Hassan who is known for his investigative works for bringing them to the public’s notice courtesy his famous program.

Iqrar revealed the shameful act of fake Peer who was involved in harassment and blackmailing of a poor innocent girl. The most heartening news was that he was supposed to medicate the girl with his spiritual medication. This treatment has been quite popular in the areas which happened to be the illiterate villages far away from the city population.

The seventeen years old innocent girl was not feeling hundred percent when her father suggested her treatment of spiritual medication. He told his daughter that he has a very good friend who treats patients by spiritual medication. The father pretty satisfied with the character of the man as he had very good friendly terms with him.

But that man was a Fake Peer which was very notorious among some people who had come to him for the medication purposes. Innocent girl’s father asked that fake doctor who was supposed to medicate her daughter to come to their home. That man was fifty years old. When he had come to his friend to see his friend’s daughter as she was not feeling well, he could not stop thinking ill deeds.

Fake Peer looked at the innocent girl with bad intentions which was felt by the innocent girl. But the girl’s father insisted her to cure her disease. The man then asked her to go with her in the separate room for medication purpose. The father had great trust in him and let him do his activities. But that man did shameful acts with the girl and filmed her in objectionable state. He kept on blackmailing her and could not get caught due to the corrupt society

Fake Peer Ruined the Life of Innocent Girl

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