Faisal Masjid Gets Jolted by Earthquake

Faisal Masjid got jolted by the earthquake also and the video of the incident came up on the social media that was sent by one of the citizens who were offering prayers in the afternoon. After they were done with the prayers, everybody was getting relaxed and coming out of the main hall to the veranda. None of them really noticed the earthquake until one man felt it.

In the veranda of Faisal Masjid, one of the citizens got to know the incident of the earthquake and he thought of recording the footage of the earthquake using his mobile phone. One of the citizens who were recording the video with his mobile phone told the other persons to be careful as the earthquake was getting intensive.

One of the citizens who were recording the footage of the earthquake incident by using his mobile phone did not expect that the earthquake could be so horrible. The moment he told the other citizens who were coming out from main hall to the veranda, the intensity of the earthquake went quite high which started to shake the whole building.

Windows of Faisal Masjid started to make sounds and all the citizens who were present there in the main hall of the building had to rush towards the veranda. They all got scared and started to recite some verses of the Holy book. It was the most horrible earthquake that was felt by the whole country that had the magnitude of 7.7.

Faisal Masjid has been built with great care and all the precautionary measurements were taken during the process of its completion. No doubt that the building was strongly built but the recent jolt of the earthquake shook the whole building and all the citizens felt so lucky to be alive when they were finished with the prayers in the afternoon.

Faisal Masjid Earthquake

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