Face Off Surgery of Famous Politician

Face Off Surgery of Famous Politician. Altaf Hussain, the leader of the MQM had given hateful speech in front of the media men the other day. People from different class had also attended that party which was given to them and the leader of the MQM had to give a speech there. The meeting was organized by the famous newspaper and it had called many celebrities from different nations.

Altaf Hussain in his speech used some words which were hateful for the mankind. During his speech all the media personnel was also sitting and noting the main points. Focus words of his speech were that the division of subcontinent was a bad decision and in fact it was the division of the blood according to the leader of the MQM party.

This speech of his was shown in a program which was being telecasted on a private news channel and host of the program was also a famous personality. The topic of the program was the speech by the MQM leader and the host invited different men from political parties including MQM as well. At the start of the program, the media men of the news channel had asked everybody to behave during the show.

A man from Altaf Hussain party MQM was also present in the show and the leader of another party PTI was also present there who had been the cricketer in the past as well. After some question from the presenter of MQM, the host of the show asked PTI leader some questions and asked his opinions.

Altaf Hussain speech that was given by him two years ago in the seminar was repeated on the request of the chairman of PTI. The host of the program was also one of the famous men from the media group. He repeated the whole speech which had hateful words in it. The speech showed that the leader of MQM has been anti man.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/beK64

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