Experts Surprised by Deadliest Battle of Reptiles

Reptiles have been seen many times fighting with each other and also there have been many documentaries made on the wildlife of them but the most dangerous battle between the frog and the cobra surprised the experts. They could not believe that a small member of this family in the shape of frog could swallow a huge poisonous cobra.

Those two reptiles stunned the whole wildlife viewers as they never expected such incidents when a small frog could make a deadly cobra its meal. The video of that battle was also captured by the men of the national geographic channel. They could capture the moment of frog swallowing the huge cobra in the wildlife with quite ease as the latter member could have also hurt the men there.

The media men recorded the whole moment of the battle by getting too close to the frog as it had almost swallowed the half of the cobra in very short time. The cobra tried to sting the frog with its poisonous teeth but the other member of wildlife was quite energetic and never let its enemy attack on it.

These two reptiles were considered to have different level of poison as the cobra was the most deadly one that could seize its enemy by stinging with such poison that it could easily lose its life. But on that occasion in the wildlife, the little frog managed to cause real trouble to the cobra which never had any chance of getting it recovered from the grip of the frog.

This type of reptile consisted of two members of the wildlife that had quite poison in their repertoire. The experts were quite surprised because they had never seen such poisonous frog. The cobra had attacked many times on it and also stung it very hard but all the attacks of snake went in vain. The one last attack from the frog of the wildlife defeated its enemy and swallowed the whole cobra of wildlife.

Deadliest Battle of Reptiles in Wildlife

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