Experiment Of Avatar Babies Goes in Armani Hotel Dubai

Experiment Of Avatar Babies Goes in Armani Hotel Dubai. Scientists experiments have done something unexpected as avatar babies were born in the country of Havana. The news just got circulated all around the world including hotels, resorts, apartments and Spa in no time and people were really amazed at the experiments that were carried out. The experiments were carried out and was also known to the people who had gone to Honeymoon destination and tourist destination with the help of cheap flights with the consultation of the mother who was agreed for something new.

Scientists were asked in Armani Hotel Dubai by the mother to give birth to babies of unique and for that very purpose the experiments were carried out in the laboratory. The Experiment might have not been as expected  by the mother but different creature was born as the result of such experiments. The news was also discussed in the hotels, resorts, apartments and Spa where the tourists were taking rest. The video was shared on the social media and it was said that the avatar babies were born as some of the tourists also got to know about the Honeymoon destination and Tourist destination using the world best rates of cheap flights.

Avatar Babies

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