English Man Gets in Lion Cage

English Man Gets in Lion Cage surprised him when he jumped on to his friends who had come to visit him in his house. The pet lion was very much used to play with the member of the Royal family but it never felt like playing with his friends. Friends had come to see his pet animals in his home but had to pay a lot to escape from the prank of the family member of the Royal family.

English Man kept on enjoying the prank of the pet lion with his friends but his friends never liked the idea of playing with the lion. They always stayed away from it despite of the fact that it has been kept as pet animal for many months. The lion kept on irritating his friends but never gave any sort of harm to them.

English Man and other members have been enjoying levish life style in the middle east. Their favorite pet animals have been keepting lions at their homes. The lions were quite cooperative since they were treated by the royal family members. The guests of them got scared sometimes but the recent incident had caused real panic among themselves.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/rlEbc

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