Embarrassing Moment of TV Anchor Goes Viral

A TV anchor embarrassing moment went viral on the social media on the other day when her leaked video got to the attention of the public. The video was leaked by the staff worker of that TV channel. The camera man of the program who was shooting for the morning show kept on recording some moments which were supposed to be the off the record.

The TV anchor in that moment was seen adjusting her dress which had microphone on her shirt. Her stroll was covered around her neck and her whole upper part of the body was exposed to the viewers. That pose of the TV host looked quite inappropriate for the family show. The director of that TV channel program did notice that thing while he was monitoring the scene.

The director of the program of that TV channel called some assistant of the morning program and sent him to the lady to adjust her shirt and device for the recording. In the leaked video of that female TV host was seen in conversation with a guy. After the conversation of that guy with the female lady stopped interviewing with the guest and started to look at her shirt.

The TV anchor then took that microphone out which was attached to the shirt of her and attached it with the stroll of her. Also the TV host of that TV channel covered her upper part of the shirt with her stroll and adjusted it. The guest of that morning show was an old man and he was just observing the situation of that incident. The reports have said that the video has not yet reached to the TV host of the program.

TV anchor might have forgotten such embarrassing moment but her leaked video has reached to the social media and she might come up with the complaints to the owner of the TV channel. The owner has all the legal rights to take actions against the culprit who leaked the video of the TV host.

TV Anchor Leaked Video Surprises People

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