Embarrassing Act of News Caster Surprises People

News caster of a private channel had to feel embarrassing when she was seen singing a song of Indian movie during the news bulletin. The anchor had thought that the recording was not taking place so she paused for a moment during the news which was being aired on the private channel. The media guys who were working in the back end department saw her singing.

The news caster was told by those media people from the back end department that the news has still being aired live while she was singing a song. The anchor had ear phones in her ears so she could be able to stop it start the news again. The camera man was who was recording the news, had to face the music of that lady when she insulted him.

The lady was angry at the camera man for not letting her know that the recording was still going on. On the other side the camera man described his position that he was not ordered to stop the recording and was expecting that lady to continue the news. However the camera man and the other media staff of that channel apologized to the female host.

Embarrassing act of news caster was captured by the camera and it was then leaked by some of the personal working in that media group. The video then went viral on social media and on the electronic media as well due to funny expression of the female anchor. The video further was made funny by some social media teams on internet by playing that Indian movie’s song in the back ground.

News caster had been working in that media group for quite some time so after the assurance of the owner of the channel she did calm down and started to work properly. This was not the first incident when the this sorts of funny videos went viral on the internet, previously another video clip of all the news anchors also got viral when they all were seen doing funny stuff.

News Caster Funny Moments during News

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