Embarrassing Act of Ignoring Animal Rights

Ignoring animal rights was done by the man in the desert when he was seen dragging a goat that probably was got died. The incident happened in the desert somewhere in the Middle East and the man who drove the car, tied up the goat with its legs to the car and kept on dragging the dead body of the goat on desert.

Laws of animal rights were totally ignored and people who have been working for the rights of the animals really criticized the incident with hard words and they also asked to penalize the culprit who acted really badly with the animals in the desert. The video was really shocking for all the people who ever watched it on the social media.

This was not the only incident that happened on this earth by the human being that disgraced the animals, there have been many more video that have been shared on the internet. That man looked to be with the guy in the desert who was recording the dragging of the goat that was tied up with the car. The kid of that goat kept on running for the help of its mother.

Animal rights issue was raised by some of NGOs that were raising the awareness among the people on this earth be telling everyone that animals have the same rights as human being have but they have been treated badly and this has happened with the animals many times. The recent video of the shameful activity in the desert brought up tears in the eyes of many people.

Animal rights were told by so many countries that have been focusing on the animals and they were really shocked to see the video of that goat in the desert. The treatment that animals have been getting was pathetic all over the world. Especially in the Middle East the animals have been treated very badly and it was observed that in the deserts these incidents have been happening.

Poor Animals

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