Elephant Goes Crazy Near Paradise Hotel

Elephant went crazy near Paradise hotel when two youngsters on the motorcycle were going through the forest. It was day and nobody expected such huge animal in front of them. The surrounding areas of that road did not have any around it. All the  including  were far away from that road.

The paradise hotel was built near the road and the forest so that people should stay in the night in that building despite of the scary area of forest. The  were fully equipped to prevent any dangerous attack from the animals since the  never happened to be any where near the forest since no flights were offering cheap flights for the tourists.

Nobody knew that the Paradise hotel road could be so dangerous and some one could have trouble going through the forest. Both the youngsters had to go to the nearest  so that they could also have some stay in the resorts. Spa was also nearby the hills but the  could not be give to the area due to the high and cheap flights.

Elephant Near Paradise Hotel

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