Electronic Media Shows Bad Scenes

Pakistani Electronic media showed bad scenes in TV drama serial where Mehwish Hayat the film actress crossed the limits. The scenes were unsatisfied and the family members of all the Pakistanis started to complain about it. They said that Pakistani electronic authority should have taken notice of it and such scenes should not have been telecasted on it.

Electronic Media did not care about the code of conduct that should have been implemented but they just wanted to get the rating of the channel high. Mehwish Hayat was the actress who was just introduced by the Channel for the new drama serial and her act in the drama was criticized by many people. The authority that regulated the channels did not take notice of that drama and the scenes.

Mehwish Hayat did not only work immorally in that drama but she also gave some bold scenes in her upcoming movie. She played the role in a item song and Mehwish Hayat wore indecent dress in that movie. Mehwish Hayat was asked about that dress in the program but she did not regret about her role and dress.

Media guys also were supporting her dress and her role in the movie. Mehwish Hayat said that there was not anything bad in that song in the movie.


Bold Scenes in TV Drama

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