Electronic Media Crosses Limits

Pakistani Electronic media crossed the limits when they showed some scenes in the TV drama serial that were unacceptable by the family members of Pakistan. The parents of the kids complained to the Government about the content of the drama when Mehwish Hayat the film actress hugged the actor. She hugged the male actor and let him do romance in the TV drama.

Electronic media did not ask director of the drama who should have been apologizing for the content. Instead of that the department kept on defending. Resources told news channels that the head of the department has been taking money from the channels. So that they could air such content without any ban on the TV.

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat was another lady that crossed the limits. Mehwish Hayat came to the scene in the drama industry and it was her earlier dramas. She did not repent on the act and the content in which she hugged a man on the camera. She felt really proud for doing such scenes. Many viewers complained about the content and the act of the film actress.

Electronic media was lashed when the news was shared on the social media about the content and the scenes.

Video Link :  http://paktelegraph.com/ANHHS

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