Dutch Girl Gets Attacked by Giant Anaconda

A brave Dutch girl tried to show her bravery by catching a giant anaconda but she was attacked by the deadly animal. This incident happened in a reality show which was quite popular in Netherlands due to its reality programs. The program was consisted of doing different and difficult tasks by the host to show some courage and come up as a winner.

The Brave girl along with other participants was given different tasks in a program. They all went through all the stages until they have been given a task of catching an anaconda which was kept in a box. They all belonged to Netherlands and never had any chance of doing such a courageous stunt before.

All the precautionary measurements were taken so that help could be provided to any of the participant in case anything went wrong. One of the girls showed some courage and came up to start the reality show. She moved forward while the other participants got scared of the big anaconda and they stayed far from the box.

The moment Dutch Girl put her hand in the box to grip the mouth of the anaconda; it attacked back on her hand and grabbed her harm by rolling all body along with her arm. The girl did not expect such an attack from the anaconda. No one thought of this happening to that girl. She started to call for help while other participants from Netherlands started to shout.

The Dutch girl was in real pain and kept on shouting until all the other men from the reality show and the owner of that anaconda came up and tried their hard to rescue that girl from the anaconda. The girl was in shock after the attack of the anaconda but thanked God for saving her life. She decided to not to participate further in that famous reality show of Netherlands.

Giant Anaconda Attacks Dutch Girl

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