Driver Loses Half Head in Car Accident

Driver lost half of head in the car accident while driving on the motor way. His car was collided with a huge truck which came in its way on the motor way. The car accident was so terrible that people starting guessing that he might not survive as he had lots of head injuries. People who were present there at the motor way came quickly so that they could help the effected people.

The driver of the car was rushed to the hospital to get initial medical treatment by the available doctors in the hospital. The doctors were also very worried about the head injury of the man who was very severely injured. The hospital staff was ready to operate him after the arrival of the man who had damaged car.

The incident was really devastating that all the people there at the hospital could not expect the survival of the man who was driving the car. They said that it looked very unbelievable for the man to survive however the doctors were pretty hopeful that they could give proper treatment to the injured man.

Head injury to driver was the main issue for the doctors and they had to go through initial operation and they said that he might lose half of his head in the result of that dangerous injury after that shocking car accident. Doctors were able to save the man but during the operation he had to lose his half head which looked pretty terrible for all the people and the family members of him.

The driver who got through the injury lost his half head but despite of the queries about his survival Almighty gave him another life and he has been surviving through his unusual state of being half a head man. The car was damaged big time that described the whole story about the injury of the man who was driving the car.

Car Accident Leaves Driver Half a Head

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