Door to Hell! The Giant Fire Hole on the Earth

The giant fire hole  in Derweze, Turkmenistan is 70 meters wide and shows golden flames which can be seen from miles. It is located in the north of Ashgabat, the capital city of the country and has been burning since 1971 due to the collapse of carter.

A team of geologists was drilling the area for natural gas but after the collapse of carter, they decided to burn the hole to avoid poisoned gasses hoping that the fuel will burn within few days. However it did not happen at all and now its over 40 years the fire continues to burn.

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The area which lies east of Caspian sea has significant amount of natural resources and can change the fate of the people of Turkmenistan if they utilize it properly. Since 1971 after the soviet geologists, no other team has come for drilling for unknown reasons while the Door to Hell continuous to mesmerize the visitors.

The giant hole must be closed in order to preserve natural gas and other fuel resources and it might have participated in global warming as well. So it should be priority of the government of Turkmenistan to close it as soon as possible otherwise it will continue to burn for may be 40 years more.

The local people must emphasize of preservation of natural resources and must put pressure on government to take steps in right direction instead of letting it become visiting place for commoner.

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