Doctor Becomes Careless in Hospital

Doctor became careless in the private hospital when a mother took her son there for the treatment since he was injured. She was asked to get the medicines from the pharmacy and she had to go outside. On her return surprising incident happened when her young son was abducted from there. She was told that somebody had kidnapped her son and the staff could not give treatment to the boy.

The doctor was so careless that the abduction of the young boy from the hospital did not cause any effect on themselves. They did not feel bad for the lady and instead asked the lady to go find her son. The mother of the young boy started to shout for help and went to the registrar for complaint against the kidnapping of her young kid.

The incident was quite strange and nobody could believe the kidnapping of a boy from the hospital in the day time when he was injured. All the medical staff there was supposed to give treatment to the little kid and they could not keep him safe. The mother of the boy lost her nerves as she had to bear the huge shock of her life.

The doctor never felt pity for the lady as if it was a routine act in the hospital. The lady went to the room of the registrar of the hospital and asked him to recover his son who was just kidnapped from the premises of the hospital. She kept on pleading to the staff there but nobody took care of her boy and herself.

Carelessness of doctor was like a routine incident in that hospital. The video of that incident was recorded by a man who was present there in the room of the registrar of the hospital. The video could easily be seen that the mother did not get justice and asked for the recovery of her son. The police also tried to shut her up who also did not care about the son of that lady who was there in the hospital for the treatment.

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