Doctor Attitude Causes Shock to Lady

Doctor attitude caused shock to the lady who had come there in the hospital for the treatment of her young boy but got to know that he was kidnapped from the premises of the hospital. The incident happened when she was sent outside to fetch the medicine prescribed by the medical staff of the hospital. The treatment was expected by the mother when she went outside.

Doctor told the mother in a very normal way that he along with the hospital staff could not take care of the young boy of the lady. The mother got shocked to hear the bad news of the abduction of her young boy who was brought there for the medical treatment there. The lady started to abuse all the people who were present there when the little boy was taken there for medical treatment.

The lady decided to go to the room of the registrar for the complaint who did not listen to her. The mother of the young boy who was kidnapped from the hospital, decided to go the police station to register the FIR. The police men were so uncooperative with her that they did not give justice to the mother who was there to recover her son.

Complaint against doctor of the private hospital was supposed to be register by the police men present there but they did not give favor of the lady instead they started to threaten the young lady. The policemen asked her to leave since they felt her son never to be a nice guy. The mother of the abducted son protested on the table of the police officer who did asked his other office boys to stop the mother.

The doctor and the police officer did not give justice to the poor mother since she seemed to be hailed from a poor family and did not have any relations with the elite class of the Pakistan.  The police men instead of scrutinizing the incident that happened in the hospital for the treatment purpose, started to threaten the female.


Doctor Behavior with Ladies

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