Demise of Cancer Patient in Morning Show Shocks Anchors

The demise of cancer patient during the morning show shocked the anchors right when they were interviewing him and his wife. The incident was quite shocking for all the people present at the program. He and his wife were invited in the show for motivating people who have been suffering from this disease. Peter was his name and he refused to take medical treatment since he was diagnosed.

The cancer patient kept on answering the questions of the anchors and never looked in any sort of pain or uncomfortable condition. His wife was also pretty satisfied with her husband’s health. The patient told the anchors and the viewers that he gave up getting medical treatment as it must have made him feel more dejected.

Although his ex employer proved his health insurance and he was being paid for his disease but he never wanted to take any kind of medical treatment. The anchors were also very amazed and surprised at the courage of the sick man. They kept on telling their viewers about the motivation of that man who refused to give up.

The news of cancer patient dying in the morning show was also quite shocking for all the people specially the wife of that man. The host of the program did not let the viewers know about the demise of that patient as it could shock the viewers as well. The wife of the deceased person was also in great shock as she never expected him to die suddenly.

The cancer patient was also offered health insurance by the news channel and they also wanted to help his wife to get relaxed. Many incidents have been happened in the past where the news anchors of the program got faint and lost their lives but this was the first time when a guest got faint and lost his life during the live show.

Cancer Patient Dies in Morning Show

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