Deadly Yorker to Darren Lehmaan

Deadly Yorker to Darren Lehmaan was bowled by the dangerous Wasim Akram that made him fall on the wicket. Wasim Akram was swinging the ball like banana and the two deliveries of Wasim Akram were superb. Australia players could not believe that how come those balls could be swung huge. Ian Healy was another batsman who got the yorker on the very next ball.

Darren Lehmaan could not understand the swing of the yorker of Pakistani legendary bowler Wasim Akram. Wasim Akram bowled a superb spell against Australia players in the very match. The batsman of Australia did not know whether to hit the ball or to block the ball. He thought of defending it since it was swinging like banana.

During that over no Australia player was able to cope up the dangerous bowling of Wasim Akram. He could not survive the appeal as the umpire gave him out. Deadly yorker was bowled to the batsman who has now become head coach of Australia cricket team. The left hand batsman was doing pretty well in the series against Pakistan.

Darren Lehmaan tried his hard to dug out the yorker but was not able to survive. The very next batsman of Australia was also welcomed by the deadly yorker. Wasim Akram was having control over his bowling since he had all the skills. Ian Healy was the next victim of the left arm fast bowler of Pakistan who got the yorker again.

Darren Lehmaan was not the only batsman who got the brutal yorker. Ian Heally also got the same kind of ball on the very next ball. The bowler did not have to keep on appealing as the ball hit the stumps while coming from hitting the legs. Wasim Akram started the appeal but then realized that the ball had gone through the legs of Ian Heally and went on to hit the stumps.

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