Deadly Bull Fight Surprises World in Spain

Deadly bull fight surprised world in Spain when the dangerous animal attacked the stunt man who was there in the middle. He has been showing stunts for many months in the country of Spain but he never had to face the attack of the animal that almost injected its horn in the body of the stunt man. Spain has been the country where these sorts of fights have been taking place.

Bull fight has been the favorite sport of the residents of Spain and they have been coming to the stadium to see the stunts of the stunt man. Many participants have been participating in the competition despite of the fact that they could get hurt. These fights have been banned in once city of the Spain since the place was congested for the sport.

This dangerous sport was televised in many countries and people were really happy to see the fight again in the city of Spain. The surprising incident happened during the sport when the bull got angry of the stunt man and started to run after him. He tried his most to stay out of the way of it but could not do so and the animal attacked its body.

That bull fight was strange from other fights since the animal tried to inject its horn in the body of stunt man and in the meantime his trouser was taken off by the horn of the animal. The stunt man felt quite lucky as he nearly got injured with the horn of the animal.

Strange bull fight was watched in many countries and the sport was cherished by lots of people. That fight was always remembered due to that unique incident in Spain since the stunt man’s trouser was taken off and he was almost injured.

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