Dead Man Becomes Alive Reported by News Channel

News on news channel went viral when it reported that a dead man became alive again. The reporter of the channel was in the city of Sialkot when the shocking news came from a government hospital that a sick man was taken to that hospital and was treated by a doctor. The patient was very sick and was not even breathing properly.

News channel then told shocking news that the doctor declared that man dead and was sent for the postmortem due to the request of the policemen. The autopsy of that man was taken in the autopsy room and suddenly that dead man started to breath.

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The family members of that man went to take the dead body and they got shocked when people present in the postmortem room told them that their patient is alive and not dead. The man, who was declared dead by the doctor early on, then was taken by the family members to the other hospital in another city of Lahore.

The news channel reporter did not inform the later about the condition of that man who was declared dead earlier. However the news of this negligence of the doctor of that government hospital was brought into notice of Registrar of that hospital. The registrar of that hospital then assured the family of that patient of serious action to be taken against that doctor.

This news of news channel was copied by other channels as well and the issue was highlighted on media very shortly. The notice of this news was taken by the DCO of the city. The family members of that man were protesting against the declaration of the dead body of their relatives. Their protest was stopped when assurance was given to the family members of that man who was declared dead by the doctor of Government hospital.

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