Dead Girl Screams from the Coffin

From a wooden coffin, that was buried of a dead girl, surprised everyone when some screams from it coming out of the grave the other day. Nobody could understand what happened to that grave until some shouts of help coming out of it. Doctors had called her dead while she was sick in the hospital.

She was buried in the coffin some time ago after declaring her dead. All the necessary works were done for burying her in the grave. After getting done with the funeral ceremony people started to go back to their homes in sorrow. They all were quite stunned at the young demise of that girl. Only few people were present there near the grave in the graveyard.

People who were present there got scared when they heard some screams from the grave. They all thought that it could only their illusion nothing else but when they neared the grave of that newly buried dead girl, they could not believe their ears as the screams were real. They called some other people there too and told them the whole story.

Screams were heard from coffin and they decided to dig the grave and break the box. When all agreed to dig the grave of the dead girl, it was quite shocking moments for everybody present there as they saw the dead girl to be alive. She was shouting for help and her pulse was running as a normal alive person. Doctors were also called near the grave of her so that they could also help the girl.

The coffin was torn and she was taken out of it and quickly was taken to the hospital so that she could get the proper treatment which she could not get in time. All the family members of the dead girl, who had woken up alive, were quite happy at the girl recovering from that situation. People started to call it as a miracle from Allah who has given new life to her.

Dead Girl Wakes Up Alive in Coffin

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