Dangerous Tiger Reacts Unexpectedly At the Tourists

Dangerous tiger reacted unexpectedly at the tourists who went to drop the animal in their van to the forest. The big cat was stuck in cage when it was being taken to the forest. When the van of the officials of the department of forest reached at the forest they had to drag the animal out of the cage despite of the fact that the door was open.

The tiger was reluctant to come out of the cage which was placed in the back of the van. The man who had come there to drop the animal in the forest tried it best but the big cat was not coming out of the cage. So the situation demanded that guy to tease the leopard with the wooden stick while sitting in the front seat of the van.

The guy who belonged to the department of forest shook the animal with the stick quite hard and he succeeded it to come out of the cage. The mirror of the van where the man was driving was half pulled. As the result of the continuous teasing of man by the wooden stick made that leopard angry and it instead of going in the forest started to take revenge.

The revengeful tiger jumped at the man who teased it from the front seat of the van. It jumped many times to reach and attack the man but could not do so. But that official department’s man was unlucky to be attacked after the 3rd time when the furious animal tried it hard out and darted at it with its paws.

The man was shocked at tiger attack which had jumped up in the front seat of the van. He tried his best to get escape from the furious animal but it was so angry that it managed to injure the man. He was quite lucky that he managed to kick that big white cat with his legs and the animal left him injured and went away in the forest.

Furious Tiger Attacks Unexpectedly

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