Dangerous Beast Attacks the Villager

Dangerous beast attacked the little villager when he along with his other friends had gone to visit the fields in the rural area. All the friends wanted to have some time spent in the fields but they never knew that there could a dreadful animal waiting for them. One of the friends went too far in the fields that he became the victim of the swine animal.

The beast shocked all the villagers when it attacked the legs of the villager. The villager could not believe he was attacked by such a dreadful animal which almost kept on trying to eat its legs. The villager kept on shouting for help but his other mates were also too scared to come forward and get their friend rescued from the dangerous animal.

The incident happened in the rural area in the fields. One of the friends had his mobile phone with him and started to capture the whole video of the incident. The villager who was attacked by the swine in the fields kept on shouting that his legs were being taken and eaten by the dangerous animal but his friends did not have any tool to rescue him.

Horrible beast started to have strong grip on the legs of the villager while his friends found a saw there and went forward to attack the animal with it. After trying hard they were able to hit the body of the animal with the saw that got injured and left the villager with some injuries.

That life taking beast went sharply in the fields and disappeared. The villager got some relief and was taken in the bus which was being used by all the villagers who had come to have a visit of the fields. The ambulance was called in and the injured villager was taken to hospital for the initial medical assistance. Luckily the villager got survived from the severe attack of the animal.

Beast Attacking Villager

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