Dance Floor Collapses on New Year Night

Dance floor collapsed on New Year night when the boys and girls in Israel were having fun and welcoming the New Year. The incident was quite shocking for everybody since it was reported that the building could not sustain the weight of the people who were celebrating their party. Sad news became viral globally.

That dance floor got damaged since it was not built with good material and it was for the first time that such incident happened around the world on the party event of New Year. The news channel showed the video of the incident that was made by one of the persons who was also present there but he was lucky enough to be survived.

Party was going on perfect until that sad incident happened. All the girls and the boys could not hang on there and fell down. Other people who were survivors of the incident thanked God for being alive while the other ones who fell down got really hurt. Muslims all over the world described it as the wakeup call of the Almighty and they all said that it was due to the immoral acts that were done in that building.

Dance floor seemed to be alright until there happened to be lots of young men and women dancing at the same time. All the youngsters on the New Year night event were having fun and they could not expect such thing as they had celebrated the same kind of party in the same building as well. It was reported that many girls and boys got injured in the incident and they were provided with the initial aid by the doctors.

Dance floor news on the event of New Year night was so stressful that whoever heard about such incident could not celebrate the party in their own countries. In the country of Israel many people who belonged to Islam also certified that Allah had shown His wrath on the people and He wanted us to go on the right path.

Dance Floor Gets Collapsed on New Year Party

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