Cruel Act of Owner Makes NGO Workers Furious

A NGO worker got furious when she saw a leaked video of cruel act of an owner. The video involved an owner of the house who was going against the human rights and beating a small female child for not cleaning his house properly. Although there have been many laws which do not let anybody to have child labors yet many have been seen going against these laws.

NGO worker wanted to the court against that man who was seen beating a small girl for her work in the house, but she was threatened by the owner of the house. Other organizations working for human rights also stood for the cause and held protests at different places.

The more shocking truth of that news came to the scene when it was revealed to everybody that the man involved in that video who was seen beating a small child, was himself a Government official. Since that video got viral on internet and on the social media as well, the culprit threatened the reporter who wanted to take the case to the court.

NGO worker could not believe how an official could do such a cheap and cruel act with a small child despite of the fact that he did have his own kids. People belonged to different social welfare organizations and other human rights activists asked other personnel staff of the court to raise the point in the parliament.

NGO worker along with her colleagues and other member of the social welfare organizations have been raising voices against all the cruel acts just like the one happened. The little girl was lucky enough as the custody of her was taken by the social welfare organization and she has been also assured to get justice from the court as well that satisfied the little child.

Man Misbehaving with Woman

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