Cow Gets Head Strike by Goat in Farmhouse

In a big farmhouse, a giant cow was attacked by a small goat when it hits its head in the cow’s head. Although the goat was a small one yet it was able to make the big animal fall down on the ground. The incident took place where many other animals were also kept for breeding. The owner never expected such a collision between the two animals.

The farmhouse consisted many cows and goats but this time the goat was found alone near the cows who were taking animal feed for themselves. Suddenly a small goat happened to come near to them though it never wanted to disturb them. But the big cow was scared of the goat for disturbing them.

The video of the incident was made by the owner who also had some worries when the cow fell down by a little goat. The big cow tried to scare the small animal so it rushed towards the goat and both had a collision in the heads. After they both hit their heads with each other, the big cow fell down suddenly making the owner bit worried.

The farmhouse owner went quickly to see the big cow if it was alright as it fell down sharply. The man realized that it was hard collision in the head of the cow so that made the cow fall down on the ground. All the other animals kept on eating their animal feed while the goat and the big cow that had collision were lying on the ground.

In that farmhouse it was the rare incident of the animals although many other animals have been fighting with each other but no animal had been hurt before. This was the first time that the man had fear of losing its animal. But luckily the giant cow stood up after some minutes and the goat also stood up making the owner thankful for their animals to be alive.

Goat Hits Giant Cow in the Farmhouse

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