Cow Attacks Chief Minister Unexpectedly

A big cow attacked the chief minister unexpectedly when he went to see the animal brought in the ground on the eve of the Eid. Many people were supposed to buy the animals for the sake of sacrifice on the event of the festival of Muslims all around the globe. The animal was a huge one and it was tied with the hook that was fixed in the ground.

The Cow was standing with ease until the chief minister entered in the ground with his all staff members as to inspect the quality of the animal that was being taken in the ground for the sale purpose. The big giant animal was surrounded by lots of people that were accompanied with the chief minister. The big animal got scared as he tried to touch it with his hands.

The chief minister was kicked badly by the animal and he was quite lucky to not get hurt by the attack of it. The people who were surrounding the celebrity of the province, managed to save him from the attack and quickly tackle the situation. He was taken away from the angry animal. That was the most unusual incident that ever took place with any official of the government.

The cow looked angry as it was being surrounded by many people and probably that was the only reason it attacked the people coming and touching it. The video of this incident was quite embarrassing for all the people standing there and also for the staff members of the chief minister. They could not believe the reaction of the animal.

Cow has been the most attractive animal in the recent days on the event of the Eid. Many people have been coming to buy only this animal for the sake of sacrifice that has been the tradition set by the Prophets in the era of early days of Islam.

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