Concept of Women’s Reward in Paradise Compared to Men

A concept of paradise that was explained to the people by a religious scholar has been uploaded here. Many people have raised this question about the reward for pious women in Heavens while pious men will be given rewards with seventy two Hoors. This video clip has a clear message for those asking about this concept of Islam and Holy book.

In paradise one woman shall be given rewards by marrying one pious man same as men who shall be given rewards by seventy two Hoors for their good deeds. The scholar explained in detail that the nature of the human being shall not be changed in Heavens too. In Islam one woman is not allowed to marry more than one man similarly she will be living there with only one husband too.

Pious women who did not have husbands in this world and who had their husbands in this world but they died, those pious women are supposed to marry one pious man in Heavens too. This is the reward what pious women of this world will be getting there. It was explained that people will have same nature in the next world as well.

Opposite of paradise, people who have not lived their lives according to what Islam and Holy book taught them, those people will be sent to hell. Hell will have all the torture and punishment for them. Therefore it has been ordered for Husband and wife to be polite to each other and live according to the teachings of Islam and Holy book.

Paradise will be the place for all the pious people whether all the men and women will be living a luxurious life. While the Hell is the place where all the people who had been doing ill deed despite of the fact that they are prohibited. Mostly Muslims believe in this concept of Heavens and Hell while the non Muslims do not believe in this fact.

Women’s Reward in Paradise

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