Concept of Love Marriage in Islam

Islam is a religion of peace and love. Today is the era where trend of love marriage is increasing. It is not about Muslim countries or non-Muslim countries. There was a time when weddings used to be arranged by the parents and used to be successful ones as well. But with the passage of time that is not more acceptable by new generation these days.

In the past eastern girls were supposed to marry someone who they never had seen before marriage. They used to spend their whole life with the person who was completely unknown to them before they left their homes to husbands’ new home. The percentage was high of the successful weddings unlike today.

The time has changed big time, both the girl and boy choose their own partners before their marriage. The trend of love marriages have gone up as compared to arranged marriages which are completely against the teachings of Islam. In Islam there is no concept of love before girl and boy get wed locked. Islam prohibits such concepts of loving before they are legally called husband and wife.

There was a question raised the famous Islamic Scholar Dr. Zakir Naik about the love marriages of girls if they are allowed to marry someone they love. The Scholar described completely that the woman or a man is only allowed to talk to each other before their wedding when there is somebody present with them.

If the girl or a boy meets in absence of anybody else or in loneliness before their marriage then they are going against the teachings of Islam. The girl or boy can love each other only when they are legally declared wife and husband. This should be advised to the new generation so that nobody gets misguided about their religion which guides them the actual right path.

Love Marriage Concept in Islam for Girls and Boys

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