Colleges Organize Immoral Dance Parties

Private colleges in some part of the country organized dance party to promote the culture of all the provinces. Pakistani culture was supposed to be promoted from all over the provinces but the video showed that all the students were dancing like as they were attending dance parties. It looked quite immoral to everybody who watched that cultural promotion of the institutions.

Private colleges have been organizing such events to promote the culture of all the provinces of Pakistan but the real videos showed the truth that they were promoting the foreign culture of dance rather than promoting Pakistani culture. The students however were quite happy to dance with other class mates.

The students included the young girls and boys were seen having fun and dancing with each other. They never looked to promote the culture of Islamic country. Male and female students were very proud of their institution that was providing them the opportunity to have fun and promote the culture of the all provinces of the country.

Video of private colleges in which all the male and female students were dancing like they were having a dance party, really shocked the viewers since the news was aired on the news channel. Viewers were really angry at the event and complained to the educational officials to have a look on the event that have been organized by the institutions in which they have been enjoying immoral activities.

Private colleges have been doing those kinds of activities for the sake of money and all the students including male and female never minded the way of promoting culture. The officials of the education ministry assured the public to investigate the whole incident that went against the nurturing of new generation.

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