Clever Monkey Teasing King Cobra in Forest

Forests have been the places for the animals to fight for their food. A clever monkey teased King Cobra till the end and never gave any chance of becoming food of the sharp and dangerous reptile. People must have seen different videos of the wildlife where animals fought with each other. They could have been the most dangerous fights ever but this monkey fighting with cobra was something amazing.

This deadly fight of Forest has attracted the audience more than any fight. The fight was captured of the wildlife by a researcher of animal planet. Later on this video clip was included also in a documentary for the researches on animals. King cobra no doubt has been ruling the rust in this animal planet among the other animals and reptiles.

Usually king cobras have been seen fighting with the other reptiles likes of anaconda but this time it was seen fighting with a creature which is actually famous for its sharpness skills. At the start of the fight the monkey never expected the cobra to be that much aggressive but later on it never let it bite and kept on moving around it.

This fight of the forest life went viral on social media due to the unique contenders of monkey and king cobra. At the start of the fight both monkey and king cobra underestimated each others’ skills but with the passage of time they got to know that they both were quite tough for beating. The cobra kept on trying to bite the little animal but all went in vain.

The king of this forest has also never seen such sharp enemy in the shape of monkey. The monkey despite of its enemy king cobra’s bite and vigorous attack managed to tease it with its skills. It just kept on spinning around cobra and never let it bite and attack. On the other side the monkey also turned out to be the sharpest enemy of this fight and won this battle by attacking cobra’s mouth and killed it.

Monkey Fight with King Cobra

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