Clever Lady Steals Jewelry from the Gold Jeweler Shop

A lady stole Jewelry from the gold ornaments’ shop with her clever tactics and never let the shop keeper have any idea of the theft. The female girl was not alone when she did that shameful act. She was accompanied by two men to accomplish their task of cheating people ad making a theft. A gang of three people along with that clever lady happened to loot the shop keeper.

The jewelry owner was an old man and dealing alone with the gang of one lady and two men. All of them entered in the Gold ornaments shop when there wasn’t anybody shopping other than them. The Gold Jeweler was kept busy in showing different samples of Gold necklace and other ornaments so he was cheated by all those three people.

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The video of the incident was captured by one of the CCTV camera, which was seen by the shop keeper of that Gold Jeweler until then he did not know about his lost stuff. It was normal days of in the market of Gold shops and due to the afternoon there were fewer customers in the market. The gang looked professional as their way of stealing Gold ornaments was not known by the shop owner.

The act of stealing jewelry was unique in such a way that the lady hid that Gold necklace in her inner garment where nobody could see or search for the lost ornament. The CCTV footage clearly showed that how cleverly and sharply the group of three thieves deceived the lone shopkeeper.

The jewelry was being hidden in the inner garment of the lady one by one while the other two men kept the Gold shopkeeper busy in showing the samples of the ornaments. Although the CCTV footage camera was installed in the shop yet the lady was able to steal the necklace.

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