Citizens of Spain Face Horrible Trouble during Bullfighting

Citizens of Spain faced horrible trouble during the bullfighting as the bulls were running like mad. Bulls went after the people in all directions to save their lives. Many people helped each other to save them also although this sport did not let anyone help each other. This has been the most dangerous bullfight of the year.

Spain has held many bullfights before that day but this was the most crowded sporting event in the history of world. Madrid, the city of that country was also popular for organizing such event. Other cities also had held such bullfighting event but some of them were banned by the officials as many people protested to hold such event.

Another city was banned for holding such event as many people had called this bullfighting as the most hostile sport. Protesters all over that city protested against organizing such sport. After the three years ban on one of the city of organizing such bull fight, the newly elected Mayer of the city held a referendum and asked people for their will and many people were quite happy to hold it.

That city of Spain that was allowed after three years to hold such bullfighting event had to arrange the same stadium that held many fights before. The promoter of bullfighting sport was really pleased for the revival of this sport. After Madrid, this city of the country was crowded with many people who had come from different parts of the world to see the revival of the bullfighting sport.

That particular fight in Spain was quite dangerous and people of Madrid got injured in many numbers. The sport was televised on the private channels as the cameras were placed all over the cities in which the bulls had to run. People ran in different directions and jumped all over the walls. The commentators of that fight were also in a shock after seeing such dangerous bulls.

Bull Fight

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