Chinese Girl Sings Pakistan National Anthem

You must have heard Pakistan National Anthem sung by Pakistanis many times. But a Chinese Girl has sung Pakistan National anthem in such fluency that you might have never seen such fluency in any other foreigner’s accent. Chinese has been a great friend of Pakistan for many years and has helped the country every time needed by Pakistanis.

Speaking various languages of different countries looked quite difficult but Chinese girl has learnt to speak Urdu language very well which helped her singing Pakistan National Anthem very accurately. The girl adopted the same accent in which any other native man would have sung. You must have seen other foreigners speaking different languages but they face great difficulties in speaking Urdu.

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Many Chinese citizens have been living in Pakistan for many years for the sake of the jobs though China in the recent times has progressed immensely in the field of technology. So with the passage of time the foreigners, who have been living here in country, have learnt Urdu precisely with the same accent. The Chinese girl was one of those foreigners as well.

This Chinese girl had practiced it several times before making video of the National Anthem of Pakistan. The National Anthem was adopted in 1954 and the country never had any anthem before this though there were some discussions going on. Interesting the music of national anthem was made way back in 1954.

The Indonesian President visited the country in 1950 but there was no anthem at that time. Later on its lyrics were written by Abdul Hafeez Jullundhri in 1952. The government formed a committee whose job was to work on making Pakistan National Anthem. Every time any foreign official visited after 1954, Pakistani national anthem was sung with music. This time Chinese girl has sung it and got immense appreciation from everyone.


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