Chinese Girl Loves Pakistan National Anthem

A Chinese girl loved Pakistan so much that she learnt to sing Pakistan National Anthem as China’s relations with Pakistan have been really friendly for many years. She has sung it with great perfection and accent. Urdu is not her mother language which was taught to her while she was studying. However she managed to speak it with great fluency and accuracy as any other Pakistani.

The singing of Pakistan National Anthem by Chinese girl is a good gesture from her as it has been part of any country’s traditional values. The anthems have been sung whenever any official of countries went to meet each other. The lyrics of national anthem of Pakistan have been also written with such words that completely represented Pakistan’s traditions with wishes for it to live long. For Pakistani citizens, the anthem is quite easy to learn and execute.

Since the anthem has been part of the syllabus of books adopted officially in school and colleges therefore it has helped every person who could speak Urdu. However no one might have ever heard it sung by any foreigner. A beautiful Chinese girl loved Pakistan so much that she learnt its national language Urdu.

Many Chinese have come in Pakistan to work and in the mean time with the passage of time they have learnt to speak Urdu with great fluency. But none of them has ever loved the country so much as compared to this girl who sang the national anthem from core of her heart. It never looked as if she had sung it for the first time.

Once the girl got the fluency in speaking Urdu, she sung Pakistan National Anthem with great accuracy. The Chinese girl then made video of her while singing the anthem and presenting her great love towards Pakistani nation. Every person living in the country loved her act and appreciated her.

Chinese Girl Singing National Anthem of Pakistan

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