Chinese Boxer Resists Heavy Blows during Boxing Match

Chinese Boxer resisted heavy blows on his face but ended up winning a thrilling boxing match. In that part of the world the young fighters are trained very hard. They do not posses tallest of their physiques but they are very strong in shapes. They work hard in the fight and end up winning the close matches in the rings.

Yi Long strongly built boxer used very unusual techniques in a championship match of boxing. He is very popular boxer in China who has learnt the martial arts from his childhood as it was his passion to be at top level in the field of boxing. A championship was organized in their country in which Yi long had to prove him a winner as he lost a fight previously from a Japanese man.

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Prior to the championship this boxer had a fight with a boxer from Japan who knocked him out. The supporters of Yi Long were very upset as he was known to be unbeatable till that match. After the fight the boxer apologized to his Chinese supporters and sent a message that he was not fully prepared for the match and did not have the proper preparation.

The strong but a short boxer decided to give his all hundred percent effort in the championship. He had worked really hard to tell his supporters and to the entire world that he had different skills and techniques of boxing to win the fights. The stadium was fully crowded as his supporters and his opponent’s supporters have traveled especially for this match.

In the start of the match the other fighter had given heavy blows to his face. That as a result of Yi Long’s skills of martial arts did not hurt that badly since he was fully prepared for it. He resisted continuously because Chinese Boxer knew that his rival was tired. He responded back with the same force to knock down and win boxing match.

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