Chief Minister Attacked By Furious Cow

Chief Minister got attacked by Cow when he tried to touch it with his hands. The animal got scared as it was being surrounded by the lots people who had come with the chief minister. The annoyed animal was standing with comfort until everybody tried to reach to it as to accompany the official of the big province. The most unusual incident was took place in the ground where other animals were also kept.

The huge cow did not look to be that annoyed. It was being taken to the ground where other animals were also kept as the festival was coming when the Muslims were supposed to sacrifice them. The official of the government went there with his staff members to inspect the quality of the animals and the situation of the event.

As he neared to touch the big animal with his hands, he unexpectedly got annoyed and attacked by its legs. The chief minister was lucky enough as he was not that close to the animal. He managed to keep away from the annoyed and angry animal. Other men standing near to it, managed to stay away too.

The video of the cow kicking the chief minister was recorded by the mobile phone of the people who were recording that event. Many people from the media group were also present there in the ground. Some of them wanted to interview the chief minister about the quality of the animals that were placed there in the ground for the sale on the event of Eid.

The huge cow was standing very silently and nobody ever expected such a reaction from it. They all thought that the animal might get angry only when it was teased by anyone. But nobody present there did anything strange to it. The chief minister has been in the news on many times and media group also wanted to televise the event but they were denied do that.

Cow Attack

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