CCTV Footage Shows Bravery of Army Officers

CCTV footage of Peshawar attack that was stopped by the army officers of Pakistan showed the bravery of them. Peshawar incident was recorded by the cameras that were placed on the roads for the security purpose. It showed that how bravely army officers fought with the man who had come there to attack on them.

In the CCTV footage it was clearly visible that a woman was trying to enter in the rickshaw near the signals where the security guards of army officers were standing there for the security purpose and exactly at that moment the suspicious man kicked her down. That suspect man kicked the woman down, that was about to enter in the rickshaw.

That attack in the Peshawar city was declined by the brave army officers of Pakistan when they acted very vigilantly and fought with the suspect man and gunned him down. That suspect man came there to attack on the army officers in Peshawar but the bravery of men of Pakistan never let him do that. The incident was shown on the news channel as well.

The CCTV footage showed that the many other vehicles were also near that rickshaw where that suspect man was standing with his gun. All the people on the road near the check post ran towards the safe areas to save their lives. It seemed to be a busy day on the road in the city of Peshawar and with the help of brave men of the soil it remained a peaceful day.

That CCTV footage went viral on the social media and on the news channels on that day as well. All the people felt really proud of their Pakistan army officers who were very brave and gunned the suspect man down who had come there cause many causalities in the city of Peshawar.

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