Car Accident Leaves Driver Half a Head

Driver in a car accident was left with a half head when he got hit very hard by the truck. The man who was driving the car could not handle the car as he was over speeding it. The shocking incident happened in while the man started to increase the race of the car. Many people had reached the place to see the shocking incident.

The driver could not handle the speed of the car and people who were present there on the road said that his driving skills were not the issue that caused him the injury. His driving was alright but a sudden appearance of truck came in his was and he could not keep it safe. The accident of the car was so dreadful that all the people who were there said that he might not survive.

The accident of the car with the truck left him with a severe injury to his head and he had to rush to the hospital. Doctors there at the hospital were also really surprised at the injury and doctors also thought it to be dangerous accident injury they ever witness in their how career. The car was damaged from the front side.

The driver was able to live another life despite of the shocking injury in the accident. However the doctors were pretty hopeful that he was going to get a life but the doctors had to tell the bad news to the family members that he had to lose half of his head. Due to the injury to his head he had lost half of his head which looked pretty awkward.

Driver had to lose the half of his head and all the doctors had the worries about him being healthy as ever but he has been surviving that accident and living a normal life as a half head man.

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