Captain Wasim Akram Completes Hat-Trick

Captain King of Swing Wasim Akram made his seconds hat-trick against Sri Lanka in 2000 which confirmed memorable victory in the final of Asian Test Championship. Green shirts achieved a brilliant victory over Islanders comfortably due to Akram’s brilliance in the very first over of second inning of the test match. The Islanders could not get out of the trouble in the match at all.

The first wicket which Captain Wasim Akram took was more of fielder’s wicket as Shahid Afridi took an incredible catch in gully position. Boom Boom Afridi dived to his right while his feet were in the air when he caught the ball brilliantly. The next two wickets were quite easy for King of Swing as Sri Lanka made a blunder while sending bowler at one down position.

Sri Lanka players were scared to face the reverse swing bowling of Wasim Akram. They all could not pick up the line as the ball swung very late. The art of reverse swing bowling of Wasim Akram could not be understood by the players and they kept on going to the pavilion. Pakistani players were excited about the third wicket as he completed hatrick.

Captain was really pumped up by the hatrick and every player of Pakistan cricket team were on the moon. On the other hand players of Sri Lanka cricket team were down and under. They were dejected while the crowd sitting in the stadium were as excited as well as the players. The record of getting hatrick against Sri Lanka players was a huge achievement.

Captain after getting the hatrick against the Sri Lanka players was really determinant to win the test match. Shahid Afridi caught the last man in the slips that completed the hatrick against Sri Lanka players. Shahid Afridi knew the importance of the catch.




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