Cancer Patient Dies Live in Morning Show

A cancer patient died in a morning show when the program was being aired live. The hosts of the program invited a patient named Peter and his wife. The sick man had refused to take medical treatment and health insurance. Calling him in the live show was to motivate people who have been diagnosed with this sort of disease.

The cancer patient was asked different questions during the program. He told the hosts that he was diagnosed with this disease when he was thirty one years old and since then he has not been taking medical treatment as he never wanted to take tension of being sick. The health insurance was also offered to him.

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The most heart aching moment came in the show when that patient got faint and laid his head on the back of the chair while he was talking to the hosts. His wife and the morning show anchors then realized that he got died during the show but they never showed any sign while telling the viewers about that man’s courage.

The incident of cancer patient dying in the live show was something quite shocking for the viewers. Instead of getting motivation from the sick man who just died during the show, the viewers got depressed although the anchors did not want their viewers to know about his death.

The cancer patient kept on talking about his courage and refusal of taking medical treatment might have pressurized his brain which caused his death in the live morning show. The wife of the deceased man was also shocked to see the death of her husband.

He also never expected such tragic demise of her husband. The news went viral on other news channels when they showed the same footage of the sick man lying behind on the chair right during the show while he was having a chat with the anchors.

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