Camel Starts Jumping

Camel started jumping in the mid way of the sacrifice when it was tied with the rope by the butcher. The butcher had dealt with many animals that had gone wild while they were being slaughtered. The recent video showed that the animal did not only scare the butcher but also lifted the butcher with its mouth. The butcher did not expect such thing.

The camel and the butcher looked out of control in the video. The butcher had to turn all round to save his life but the animal did not keep calm. As its head was being slaughtered, it started to move around since it was feeling pain. The butcher did not do the sacrifice properly so he had to near the animal. As he neared the animal to go for another attempt, the animal darted at him like a spitting cobra.

Video Link :

Videos of the sacrifice of the camel have been shared on the you tube channels. The videos showed that in some cases, the cows and other big animals got annoyed when they were not slaughtered properly. The footage that was uploaded here was from the sacrifice that took place in somewhere in middle east. The butcher seemed to have lost his senses.

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